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What You Can Do With Tool Management

Eliminate Waste

WiiN offers the leanest tool management system for keeping track of valuable tools and company assets. Empower employees to quickly locate tools across multiple job sites with the touch of a button. Your entire team will be able to spend less time searching for missing tools and less money replacing lost ones.

Quickly Locate

Say goodbye to the numerous calls, texts and emails to track down tools and say hello to simple tool management. Assets are labeled with industrial-grade QR codes and their locations are stored in a cloud-based inventory within the app. Intuitive user interface makes it simpler than ever to search, locate, request and return your tools in just seconds.

Easily Manage

Our powerful admin console gives warehouse managers or other administrators the ability to oversee the entire tool management system, whether you’re in the office or out in the field. Manage tool requests, regulate user access, set up new locations and directly communicate to employees within the messaging feature.

Use It On-The-Go

Since WiiN is completely built into mobile app, employees can access the tool management system from anywhere on their smartphones. No bulky scanners or other equipment are needed to keep track of assets. Simply request a tool from inventory search and check it in once it arrives.